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Company's Mission - effective use of European Union policy for long-term economical standard of living increase maintenance, enterprise creation, economic growth, and employment rise in Poland.

The Way We Act - counselling-oriented in the context of structural and uniform (subsidies) EU policy for specific projects of individual programs and strategy of nation, sectors, regions, and communes in Poland.

Scope of Services - advisory services, documentation preparing, help with developing a concept, planning, preparing, managing, implementing and monitoring of projects, gaining subsidies for cofinancing economic undertakings.

Customer relationships - professional approach basing on economical, legal and technical expertises founded on perennial experiences in the field of gaining european subsidies.

Relationships with:

- Public authorities - with authorities on national, regional, and communal grade.
- Financing Institutions - with main investors, banks and funds
- Utilities - aquatic, transport, energetic, garbage disposal etc. operators and providers of engineer technology, software etc.

Postgraduate Studies
Computer Science Project Management

Faculty of Computer Science and Management of Wroclaw University of Technology with cooperation with:

  • General Consulting
  • Get Manager
  • SPMP Poland

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