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Professionalism - modern communication methods, customer needs orientation, high experience level, managing customer's relationships with public institutions, knowledge in the range of international standards and investments areas.

Consolidating specialisations - economical, technical, organisational, legal merged into one workgroup, know-how by dint of consultants' expertise and counselling experience of third party companies, high-quality communication among particular workgroup members.

Knowledge and skills - out team is characterised by constant rise of level of competence founded on dependable knowledge and gained experiences, constant hurrying after legislative changes in Polish as well as european law, maintaining technical norms and standards, keeping track of financial products development in Polish market, tracking regional growth priorities as well as aid policy, using modern managment and expansion methods.

Postgraduate Studies
Computer Science Project Management

Faculty of Computer Science and Management of Wroclaw University of Technology with cooperation with:

  • General Consulting
  • Get Manager
  • SPMP Poland

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