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Couselling on EU subsidies - our company is an earnest and competent partner in the domain. We help to win a subsidisation from European Union means and to manage projects financed with such resources.

Our offer involves:

  • Couselling on possibilities of subsidisation from EU means and selection suitable aid programme selection and on complex application preparation within structural and preaccession funds and EU programmes,
  • Filling applications, elaborating budgets and other documentation indispensable to receive a subsidy, inter alia feasibility study,
  • Help gaining partners,
  • Monitoring, cotrolling and report preparation during a project and after its closure.

GeneralConsulting consutants advise on:

  • Presenting possible subsidisation programmes,
  • Discussing application procedures,
  • Selection and preliminary evaluation of a project that is to be subsidised.

Complex counselling for companies and institutions - our international advisors help all enterprises - larger and smaller - which are interested in broadening vistas of their activities. Indeed we help our Clients to utilise already owned knowledge. Subsequently we introduce, in association with employees of given company, actual means and solutions - until assumed goal is reached. Concurrent processes of change are supported by applicable coaching.


Partnerships - GeneralConsulting establishes relations and develops cooperation between self-government institutions, domestic and foreign enterprises, NGO sector in the economic, social, cultural, and educational realm. The goal of the activity is bulding durable partnership and help with solving problems bound to transformations in economy, in particular in the domain of education and entrepreneurship.
In this scope we undertake cooperation with entities specialized in economic and training activities in order to realize joint projects, also wihin public-private partnership and European Union projects.

Counselling - economic, technical, organisational and counselling concerning subsidies.

Project management - entire project life cycle:

  • Project draft - integration of technical, economic, and organisational aspects in the context of subsidies,
  • Project management - administrative services, management,
  • Communication succour and other services - negociations on behalf of the client, advertisement, marketing plans development
  • Project arbitration - settling contentions within PPP projects

Financial counselling - technically-economic feasibility study, expences and profits analysis, added value analysis, cost optimization, PPP structures analysis, risk analysis and its reduction, risk structure analysis and suggestions for its dismission, investment needs identification, analysis of available financial instruments and their protection method, elaborating data for financial inspections, developing data for ex ante, interim, and ex post evaluations, elaborating financial reports.

Technical counselling - technical feasibility study, project solutions, preparation of applications for financial aids, evidencing, expert escorts during constructional or technological project stages, counselling throughout implementations, preparation of technical documentation related to an investition (architectural projects, bulding permissions etc.)

Perfecting organization and management in enterprises - restructurings, company detachments and other transformations, certificating:

  • integrated management dystems,
  • systems managing quality according to ISO 9001:2000,
  • systems managing an environment according to ISO 14001,
  • systems managing work security according to PN-N-18001,
  • granting signs to CE and GS products,
  • HACCP.

Pricing - grounds and real estates, machines and appliances, enterprise properties.

Training of experts - seminars, workshops, conferences, trainings.

Postgraduate Studies
Computer Science Project Management

Faculty of Computer Science and Management of Wroclaw University of Technology with cooperation with:

  • General Consulting
  • Get Manager
  • SPMP Poland

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